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Tactical Traps Crosshairs

We are amazed!

We are amazed!! Absolutely gorgeous, sturdy, and more then we could ask for! Perfect for what we wanted!


What can I say? Excellent support. From quick response to emails and answering of phone. A real person not a 'robot'. No question a problem. Happy to help....a rarity these days. Highly recommended.

Great company, great products, amazing customer service

These guys not only talk the talk but they walk the walk. I purchased a Sealion dive watch in March 2021 and wear it daily. Solid watch, I love it. In July 2022 I had a small issue with it and contacted customer service to see if the issue would be covered under their 2 year warranty. They said it would and 8 days later a new watch was delivered to me at no cost. Great company, great customer service, great products. I cannot say enough good things about Tactical Traps. I highly recommend them.

Great company, great products, amazing customer I purchased the Tactical Trap and…

I purchased the Tactical Trap and absolutely love the floating shelf and it functionality.
Not only is it a finely made quality floating shelf, their customer service is second to none. Grace and Kristen have been fantastic working with me to resolve a problem that I created. I placed the Buzzer card in the unit and locked it. Big mistake. The trap would not open and kept beeping.
They offered great support and helped me get this trap to open again.
Telling all of my friends. Thank you!

These guys are great

These guys are great! Bought thier hidden gun shelf for my wife and her Glock for speedy access in an emergency! We love it! You’d never have any clue it’s there. My wife surprised me with their laser sight! Unfortunately it didn’t fit my.22 i use for coyote’s. Bummer. But, tactical traps was great and refunded it with no problem!
I’ll be back. Thanks Tactical Traps!

Customer For Life

I am always skeptical ordering online. But Tactical Traps performed flawlessly. All three shelves shipped earlier than expected. All the instructions are detailed and there is a video on installing each shelf. I contacted customer service about another shelf and to my surprise they once again exceeded my expectations and sent my shelf immediately.
One comment about installation. It's common sense. It's your responsibility and duty along with piece of mind to be as detailed about utilizing every stud in your wall. The instructions point this out. Pay attention and you will be so much happier and satisfied with such a Great Product!
I am a customer for life!

I usually don't spend time writing…

I usually don't spend time writing reviews but I see some really great experience and some really horrible ones as I check the reviews! I feel that I owe Tactical Traps a review for helping me out recently!
I've been a client for several years now and owned 4 pieces of concealed products. They all looked fantastic from my experience, love the design! My Patriot 35S was not opening so I used the back up battery pack and it worked. Changed out the 2 batteries and retest. Still not opening, so first thing in my mind was what a piece of junk! Send an email to tech support, 2 weeks went by and didn't see any replied (like some of the email I read)! Turns out it's all my fault because I didn't check my Spam email. Abby sent me a replied "did you make sure you changed out all 4 batteries?" Dummy me only saw 2, the other 2 was hidden! Long story short, it works like a charm again! I just placed another order for the Freedom 52R. One of my favorite piece that I purchased is the Whiskey Barrel, great decor with a purpose! Thanks for the support and continuing to stay innovative!

Great Products and customer service

Great Products, have purchased 2 different items, and very happy with both. Customer service has been wonderful and very responsive and quick to respond and helpful. Will defiantly recommend.

Great Customer Service

The shelf looks really nice; it would look right at home in any high-end furniture store. It works quickly--but make sure you thoroughly familiarize yourself with it so that when you need it, it's there for you. The telephone help is, well, helpful. They really want the product to work well for you, as evidenced by a friendly and helpful demeanor--and they are PATIENT.

Thank you Tactical Traps for awesome customer service Review by Michael Hall

Thank you Tactical Traps for making a great watch and for your outstanding customer service. I am a professional bass fisherman and USCG Captain guide on the Potomac River. I really appreciate Bree going the extra mile to help me this week. You have a top quality company and team. I will be buying more of your products soon.
Thank you
Michael Hall

I needed help at 10 pm and by 1010pm

I needed help at 10 pm and by 1010pm
I had the help I needed
Highly recommend this company
Awesome products

Assistance with User Info

Since I bought my Shelf I have needed to call for assistance a couple of times. Both due to my fault and Not Tactical Traps. I lost my extra cards and then I lost my Instructions. I talked with Bree in Customer Service and I received the best Customer Service I have ever received.

Fantastic customer service

Fantastic customer service. I had an issue and the communication could not have been better. Definitely makes me want to buy some more of their products, which I was already very happy with.

Great products, great service.

I've received two products from Tactical Traps: a Guardian picture frame/gun safe and a custom wall sign. Both arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition, both are beautifully crafted. The Guardian frame works exactly as described and looks great in my space. They were quick to send me a wristband for my frame when I emailed about it, even though I was mistaken about what I had ordered and hadn't really ordered one initially. Great customer serivce and really nice product.

Reversal on a negative review

I had written a negative review just a few days ago. I received a call from the company and spoke with Kristen. She was extremely helpful in resolving a problem with the trigger lock. Impressed with the quick and efficient response.

Excellent product works and looks…

Excellent product works and looks great. I have three of them. I will probably order more as soon as I can decide which one.

Quality Products, Safety 1st from Tactical Traps

I have now purchased two different products from Tactical Traps. The customer service, delivery and quality of the product you receive is hands down top notch!

Love tactical traps is convenient

Love tactical traps is convenient, efficient and so safe

Just an awesome product!

Placed an order during the height of Covid and still had my shipping info 2 days later and the shelf was at my house in about a week! It’s exactly what I was looking for, something inconspicuous that I could get to easily in time of need. Mine has the card ID release and we placed one in a picture frame that sits on the shelf. Drop the frame face down and bingo we are in business!

I have bought multiple things from them…

I have bought multiple things from them . GREAT products , VERY fast shipping and I LOVE them ! I will be ordering more FOR SURE.

Can’t get any better then this.

Placed my order, 2 days later got a email that it shipped. It got here about 5 days later and I mean WOW. This piece is beautiful works as advertised and great turnaround. Stellar job by this company and attention to detail. I would recommend this to anyone so pleased thank you

Tactical traps customer service is…

Tactical traps customer service is unlike any other company out their they answer any questions or problems that I have had with a fast response and their knowledge is unreal how they answer quickly and their answer is always spot on great company their are a lot out their making similar product but none of them have the customer service that tactical traps has and to me that makes the company and their product priceless

Customer service at Tactical Traps is…

Customer service at Tactical Traps is OUTSTANDING far beyond; by miles.
I have never had better customer service, from answering e-mails, phone calls, or any questions.
Nothing has been a problem for them even when I thought it would be.
Thank you customer service at Tactical Traps !!

Top quality watches at very reasonable…

Top quality watches at very reasonable prices. You will not be disappointed! Plus, their customer service is second to none. I've purchased 6 different watches from Tactical Traps and they compare with watches that are worth several times more in my collection! Recon watches I own include the LX-1, Milsub, Sealion, Raptor, Dark Flight, and Flight Hours.

Above and beyond

Simply wow, awesome products and above and beyond customer support. I ordered my shelf back in January and love, it built very well. I did have a problem with the lock ( the lock was draining the battery) so they sent me a new lock out right a way. The email sent back and forth ( sending me the new lock ) were all answered with 24 hours ( business hours) witch is great. The email send back and forth were was with Abby. Abby was Awesome. They stand behind there work and will back it up if need. Which in these days is hard to find. 5 stars is not enough i would give them 10 stars.

So the batteries died

So the batteries died, so I couldn’t open my shelve. I called Tactical Trap and together we got it open. It was my fault completely but they were very helpful. Love this shelve, I got the white one and it looks just like a regular shelve.

Tactical Traps Recon Smart Watch

I purchased the TT Recon Smart Watch in January 2021 for the normal watch functions and it’s ability to track miles walked/ran The band broke while taking the Army ACFT and was unrepairable. To my surprise, the watch was replaced under their lifetime replacement policy. Bree, from The Customer Service department was awesome to work with and even offered me other watches as a replacement being the Recon Watch was not in stock at the time.

I would definitely purchase other items from this website in the future.

I would like to Thank the team at…

I would like to Thank the team at Tactical Traps for a quality product, great customer service before and after the sale, a definition of a good quality company who I would recommend to anyone with any product this company sells.Thank You for a great transaction.

Love my shelf it looks and works great

Love my shelf it looks and works great. Will add a new NikNak shelf for my wife and easy access to my security backup immediately Thanks again.quality product and quality servce

An absolutely first class company. Trust they backed their products

The quality and workmanship of tactical traps products are exceptional. Their customer service is beyond description. They make me want to buy things I don't really need just because I know how good they are. I'm a customer for life.

Great product and PPL

To date Ive purchased a total of 6 Tactical Traps and have been more than pleased each time. Not only is it a quality product but the staff is polite and helpful getting back to you immediately to answer any questions. I am highly recommending not just the Tac Traps but the company in general.

Great product and excellent customer…

Great product and excellent customer service. They were available via email even after Officer hours! Truly an excellent and functional product! Thank you!

Give credit when credit is due!

I brought a Tactical trap 36" or smaller shelf, my wife ended up with breast cancer so the shelf sat for 6 months the other day I mounted the shelf it looks great, I was so proud of it I went to show a buddy of mine which is also a gun enthusiast. It would not open and when I got it open it would not close I called the company and even the ladies that answered the phone were exceptional they walked me thru the steps to change out the batteries but because it is installed I had a hard time, they stated know worry we are going to send over to your email a video on how to replace the batteries, which they did and what a help it is all done and working plus I installed the light kit it is awesome!!! All I can say especially now a days, Great Customer service as well as a great product, well made, Thanks Dale Maxwell owner of Max's Ventures,

Another Tactical Trap Satisfied Customer

I ordered the last name Tactical Trap for my son and his wife as a joint birthday gift. They are very happy with the product. Thank you for your quick service and quality work. Another satisfied customer!

good company in today world

good company nice custumer service had a problem with my set up of my shelf and broke a part. they replaced at no charge hard to find a company that cares about you after the sale.

I have ordered a tactical flag, shelf, AND barrel-top!

I have ordered a tactical flag, shelf, and barrel-top from Tactical Traps and can honestly say, without hesitation, that they are an exceptional business. I had some questions after ordering my flag, and e-mailed them, thinking I’d get an auto-reply and a generic answer. Their reply came within 24 hours, from a HUMAN, that was genuinely interested in making my experience a positive one. Each question was responded to professionally and with a touch of personal interest that cannot be faked. I earned reward points with each order, and I am happy to report that they are WORTH it! I was able to get $75 off my barrel-top with my points, and still have some left over for another purchase! As far as product quality goes, I couldn’t be happier with each item. The wood is high quality as promised, and it is obvious that there is extreme attention to detail in the way the products are crafted. The opening and closing mechanisms are silent and smooth. I can tell you that my flag, shelf, and barrel-top will stand-up to a lifetime of use. My husband’s “Whiskey Room” is, hands-down, the most interesting part of our home with all the “hidden weapon” spots. I, myself, feel that the ability to defend your home is 100% dependent on your access to your weapon. We can safely access our defense anywhere we please, and do it aesthetically. I could go on and on.
Thank you, Tactical Traps, for being an honest, respectable company with solid quality products.

Excellent customer service and everyone…

Excellent customer service and everyone is friendly and willing to help resolve whatever issues that arise

“Top Shelf” products and Customer Service

Having purchased several Tactical Traps concealment units over the last few months, I regard both their product quality and Customer Service as “top shelf”… (pun intended!)
Every item I have purchased has been a high quality piece of craftsmanship and well worth the cost, performing exactly as advertised without exception.
Even more impressively, EVERY question I have posed to Customer Service by both email and phone has been accurately addressed and promptly resolved, both before and after the purchases.
I heartedly recommend Tactical Traps and their innovative approaches to affordable, safe and particularly reliable firearm storage products which I regard as absolutely “second to none”!

Perfect piece

This is gorgeous and works like a charm. It is now hanging downstairs with an nice picture in it. Ease of use and ability to get what you need from it is top.

Every purchase was a winner !!!

Just a quick note about my complete satisfaction with Tactical Traps. When I made my first purchases (black SeaLion and stainless MilSub divers' watches), I really wasn't expecting to be blown-away with their quality. After all, this was a mail-order with a relatively unknown company for watches. And then a notice about delayed shipping due to a fire that destroyed their entire facility. Tactical Traps came through in a sterling fashion. Next, I ordered a mantle Trap ... I received a beautiful piece of woodworking, with enough safe storage for my AR-style shotgun and a semi-auto 9mm handgun. Next, a full-length mirror Trap, and again plenty of space for a long-gun, a handgun, and another surprise or two. And lastly, a wall presentation Trap, featuring skilled routing including a LARGE Air Force emblem, my name and rank, and complete service locations that will be put on the wall behind my desk. Once again, a lot of custom work that completely made me happy. And I am a "tough" customer. If anybody is "on the fence" about an order from Tactical Traps, set your fears aside. I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase. And if not, Tactical Traps will do what it takes to make it so.

I bought one around four month’s…

I bought one around four month’s ago,since then I now own two more,one picture frame and two selves.them I bought one for my son,he loves it.I love how they work,I can’t leave guns in the nightstand because of grandkids so these make the house feel safe.I love tactical traps.keep up the good work…Christmas is coming up,,,just saying.
Thank you,tactical traps

A great company with even greater service…

This company is fantastic their customer service is absolutely top notch. I purchased a watch and it is fantastic I am very pleased with it. Their shipping is fast and they communicated with me until I received it. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them.

These guys are fantastic

These guys are fantastic! I love the watch I bought from them, great quality and price.
The only issue I had was the watch band broke. I emailed them and without question they sent me another band promptly.
The communication was professional and pleasant and the customer service was superior!
I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.

Great company

Great company, great customer service and great products! Overall a very happy customer! Get yourself one, you’ll be happy you did.

The customer service at Tactical Traps…

The customer service at Tactical Traps is outstanding. I highly recommend this company & their products!

Just purchased a tactical trap …

Just purchased a tactical trap The Patriot 35S Original for my son's 40 birthday. The company had it to me in plenty of time and looked awsome. Had the larger shelf with dark walnut and bluetooth. As advertised fit the mossberg and more.
I think it made the best gift ever..
Price was quite reasonable compared to other wall shelf gun holders.

I have purchased 2 of the traps

I have purchased 2 of the traps a few months apart. Both came with full instructions on installs and instructions on any adjustments to the alignment of the hinges. --- I needed the adjustment instructions---. The new bluetooth traps work as advertised and easy to install. Overall I would and already have recommended Tactical Traps to some friends and relatives.

Was a bit skeptical since it seemed to…

Was a bit skeptical since it seemed to always be a facebook ad that popped up. I was very surprised 1st in the shipping. Was at my door in 1.5 business days. The quality is as nice as they said it would be on the shelf. Definitely looking at buying more stuff from them.

Highly Recommend

The product is great and the customer service was phenomenal.


So happy with the shelf we bought. The set up and directions were very easy to follow. Looks amazing and could never tell something is in it. WILL BUY AGAIN!!!!