Tactical Traps Crosshairs

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The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror

Do You Own An AR-15, Shotgun, AK -47 Or Any Other Gun With A Long Barrel? Then you’re going to want to get your hands on the most unique long gun concealment product ever invented… the Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror! NEW! Opens With...
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The Guardian Tactical Frame

Looks Like An Ordinary High Quality Picture Frame But This One Has a Hidden Secret! If you’re like most gun owners you’ll agree firearms locked in a safe are “safe” but NOT practical for home defense. Especially if you...
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The Tactical Barrel

“My Friends Thought This Authentic Barrel Head Was Just a Cool Wall Decoration Until… Imagine this … The next time you have people at your house … You have them look at the barrel head handing on the wall, “Do you...
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The Tactical Organizer

“THE MARRIAGE SAVER” Are Messy “Pocket Dumps” Causing Arguments At Home? Now You Can Keep Your Wife Happy (Off Your Back)… Halt Misplacing EDC Items While Supporting the 2nd Amendment With This Device-Charging...
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Tactical Rustic Rack

How The Secret Trap Door Works Made in America By Master Cabinet Builders The Tactical Rack measures in at 36" X 15" x 5 3/4" and is handmade (no CNC machine) from real American white pine… the same type of timber that’s used to build...
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