The idea behind Tactical Traps was conceived a few years ago with the idea of building the best concealment cabinets on the market.  We're not the first in this industry and we don’t claim to be.  But we are the best.

Our crew is made up of master carpenters, American veterans and hard working men and women who all take pride in giving you the the best concealment furniture you can buy.

Our goal isn't a big one, but it's about as important as I can think of... we want to build a high quality, handcrafted, reliable product that will give you the chance to protect your family and loved ones at a moments notice.  Not only is that our right as Americans, but it's our DUTY as Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and Daughters. For this reason, we sell our products at a considerably less price than others... but without an ounce of doubt in my mind, with far better durability, reliability and quality. I personally guarantee you that.

One last thing you need to know. We stand behind our work and our word. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or ideas - we want to hear them. You are respected and you WILL be treated like family, because you are.