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Now You Can Protect Your Home, Business And Property With a 100% Wire-Free, Subscription Free StealthX7 HD Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Camera That Will Be Up And Monitoring In 12 Minutes Or Less, Even If You Have a Hard Time Figuring Out The TV Remote

Home surveillance systems can cost upwards of $10,000. Most people know that.

But most people don’t know about the new breakthrough technology that allows you to protect your family and home with live HD cameras for a fraction of the cost, with no monthly service fees!

Not that long ago if you wanted security cameras on the outside of your house, you’d have to hire an audio/video contractor and those guys aren’t cheap. Next, you’d have to buy an expensive camera and bulky monitor to view the footage.

Then you’d have to hire another contractor to tear your house apart, running wires and electrical outlets. After all is said and done, you’d be in the hole at least $10,000 and endure weeks of aggravation and mess.

You could still go through all that hassle and expense, if you want to. Many people still do it.

But now there’s definitely a faster, easier and more affordable way to gain that same peace of mind with no hassles or inconvenience!

It’s called the Stealth X7 and insiders are calling it the…

Biggest Breakthrough In Home Security Since The Deadbolt!



  • Tough Weatherproof Shell works Inside and Out, Snow, Rain, or Dust
  • 130 Degree Instant ON and Alert No False Alarm Motion Sensor
  • Built in Night Vision Camera Sees In Pitch Black Dark
  • Built in Microphone Eavesdrop on your phone from 1000 Miles Away
  • Crystal Clear HD Video that You Watch Right On Your Phone!
  • Live Video Mode Capable-Spy Whenever You Wish
  • 100% wireless-mounts in just minutes
  • Rechargeable battery that last up to 4 months
  • New Magnetic Wall Mount, Place & Move Anywhere In Just Seconds Without screws nails or wires
  • Two Way Audio, Hear And Talk Back No Matter Where You Are From Your Phone Instantly
  • Built in TF card slot stores 15 entire hours of HD footage
  • Remote siren that you can enable and sound with a flip of your switch

The Stealth X7 is a 100% Wire-Free HD Camera that monitors and protects your home 24/7 like your own personal security guard,with no subscription fees!

Place it anywhere outside or inside your home and witness crystal-clear live footage on your phone (day or night) 24/7.

Best of all, the Stealth X7 sets up in just minutes right out of the box. No wires to run, no complicated manuals to suffer through. Just open the box, follow the simple step by step instructions and have the peace of mind that same night,knowing your home, business and property is being monitored and protected.

You work hard for your money and property…the Stealth X7 will work equally as hard keeping it safe!

With The New Exciting Features Packed Into The Stealth X7, It’s Like Having Your Own Security Detail Guarding Your House 24/7!

The most important part of any security camera is the clarity of the picture. It does you no good if you can’t identify what you’re looking at.

With the Stealth X7,you’ll gasp in disbelief when you see how crystal-clear the footage is right on your phone. That’s because you’ll be viewing HD 720pl crystal-clear footage right on your phone.

Yes, the Stealth X7 picture quality is so good…

We Trust It To Guard Over $1,300,000 In Inventory And Machinery!

That’s right… we just don’t make the Stealth X7…we use it!

Now ask yourself, if the Stealth X7 isn’t as good as we claim…would we be crazy enough to tell the world how much inventory and machinery we have sitting in our warehouse, with our address listed all over the internet?

Of course not!

But no worries here, the Stealth X7 will catch a thief or intruder before they get even 30 feet from the door. Now you can have the same level of protection for you family, property and valuables for less than the money spent on a night on the town!

Live HD Video Plus Built-in Speaker And Mic Give You The Power To Scare Off a Suspicious Visitor When You’re Out, Or Let The Delivery Man Know To Leave The Package At The Door!

The Stealth X7 has a built in 2-way microphone so you can actually HEAR and SEE what’s happening in real time at any location inside or outside your home, no matter how far away you are, right on your phone. You can even talk back through the camera and they will hear you through the secret speaker that’s built into the camera.

Yes, even if you’re at work, shopping or 1000 miles away. If there’s an intruder, you can tell them to get the hell out of there! If it’s your kids coming home from school, you can tell them to get going on their homework. If it’s thedelivery guy…you can tell him where to put your package.

Night Vision- The Stealth X7 Sees Like An Owl In The Darkness!

This is an untouched picture in front of a home with no neighbors and no outside lights on other than one 20-watt landscape light. The nearest street light is 700 ft away and you can still easily spot a person from over 30 feet away!

The Stealth X7 has a built-in LED illumination that allows you to record and playback HD Video even in pitch black! This is perfect for those times you hear a noise at night. No need to get up and put yourself at risk. Just grab your phone and you can see what’s going on without leaving your recliner. It’s also the ideal camera to protect your personal home, cottage, business, garage or anything you want monitored.

Motion Alerts Are Sent 24/7 Straight To Your Phone, No Matter Where You Are, Even If You’re Not Connected To Wi-fi!

Since you can’t always be watching your phone, the Stealth X7 has built in PIR sensors that look for motion in the perimeter of your camera. If the Stealth thinks something’s up…it will automatically send you a phone alert with picture of the image. You can then view it live with just a flick of your finger.

What if you miss an alert? No problem!You can view activity from the app anytime you want.

What if you’re at work and not by your house? It makes no difference if you’re 10, 100 or even 1000 miles away in the wilderness…you’ll have eyes on your home as if you were there. What makes this possible is the Stealth X7works on Wi-Fi or your cell phone signal, so you’re always connected and protected.

This is perfect for monitoring the outside of your house as well as inside too.

Here’s an alert I got when my dog escaped her inside kennel. Coolest part is, all I had to do was tell her to get back inside from the built-in microphone and never had to leave the restaurant!

Handheld Command Center! Control Up to 24 Different Stealth X7 Cameras in Numerous Locations On One Phone!

Are you the type of person who’d like to monitor several locations at once without the hassles of using multiple devices?

Good news…with the Stealth X7 you could have 4 cameras at your home… 4 more cameras at a vacation home… and then have 6 at your office. And all 14of these cameras can be viewed live in just seconds from the App on your smart phone.

You also get alerts (optional) from each of the 14 cameras every time they detect motion. You can also access live footage and sound from any of these cameras with just a swipe of your finger.

Because of this feature, many people use the Stealth X7 to watch over elderly parents, package deliveries and even pets…

Rechargeable Battery Lasts 120 days! The Stealth X7 Camera is 100% wireless.

Forget about calling an electrician to “bring power” to the camera location. Those days are over. Get this…there’s no battery replacing on The Stealth X7either! That’s because it has a built-in rechargeable battery pack that lasts the average user about 120 days.

How do you know when it needs recharging? Easy…you can view the power reserve on your app anytime you want. When it needs recharging,simply remove the camera from the mount (it’s held in place via magnetic field) and recharge via a USB cable to your computer. There are no screws to take out, no wires to run or battery to replace. Just plug it in like your phone and you’re good for another 120 day or so days.

Torrential Downpours, Below-Zero Temperatures and Blistering Death Valley Heat Is No Match For the Stealth X7! The Weather proof Design Works Inside and Out, In The Snow, Rain, or Dust!

The Stealth X7is perfect for indoor monitoring as well as outside no matter how hot, cold or wet your climate is. Most people start with a front-door camera, then add the garage, side door, backyard… then inside. Wherever you want to put a pair of ears and eyes… a Stealth X7 can be placed quickly and easily.

No matter what Mother Nature brings you…you’ll have peace of mind knowing your family, home andvaluables are monitored and protected.

Monitor Your Home, Property Or Business With No Monthly Payments, Fees Or Service Charges - Ever!

Where traditional alarm companies charge a monthly subscription fee, which can add up to more than the cost of our entire camera system…the Stealth X7 has no subscription fees EVER. Once you purchase your camera or cameras… they’re yours and there are no additional fees to pay for monitoring or storage- ever.

Now you can keep an eye on your home, property,children, deliveries, elderly parents and business with no monthly payments, service charges or fees- EVER!

The Stealth X7 Sets Up Quickly And Easily Even If You Have A Hard Time Figuring Out How To Use The TV Remote.

If we could make it just one step, we would. This is as close as we can get! Here are the steps:

1) Open the box

2) Run the app. You can get it in iTunes if you have an iPhone or Google Play if you have an Android.

3) Watch live HD video of your home.

If you want…with the flick of your finger you can set the Stealth X7 to send you alerts when it detects motion and turn it off when you don’t want to be bothered.

That’s All There Is To It!

ANYONE Can Set Up the Stealth X7! (but if for any reason you need help… you can call us toll-free or email us and we have technicians on staff to walk you through the entire process.)

Just think… with the Stealth X7 in your hand you can quickly and easily…

Protect Your Home From Burglars!

Was that noise in the middle of the night the dog, the neighbor… or someone who has no business being there? With just the flip of your thumb, you’ll immediately be able to see without leaving your bed. The picture below is alive shot from the Stealth picking up a truck with just its running lights on from over 150feet away, with no streetlights and outside lights within hundreds of feet away.

Even more amazing is that this is just standard resolution…we didn’t even turn on the HD function.

Keep an eye on package deliveries

Was the packaged delivered? Did UPS put it by the back door or front? It shows ‘delivered’ but I’m not finding it...

Sound familiar? If so, those days are about to end as soon as you get the Stealth X7. You’ll know the minute the delivery man comes up with your package and be able to tell him where you want them, no matter if you’re 100 miles away.

Watch over your dogs or kids playing in the back yard…

Keep an eye on your elderly parent or grandparent, making sure they are safe and don’t need help…

See who’s coming in and out of your house when you’re not home.

And much, much more. You’ll never run out of uses for the Stealth X7!

Best of all, the Stealth X7 really is stealth, measuring in at only 4” x 2” inches, so it can be hidden and placed any where and only available for your private viewing!

So How Much Does The Stealth X7 Tactical Home Surveillance Camera Cost?

A lot less than you might think, considering outdoor security camera systems can retail for as much as $10,000+. That doesn’t even add in the cost to run electric, hire a contractor to mount them and the hassles that go along with it.

With the Stealth X7 you get a completely wireless HD camera with even better features, that sets up in just minutes with no added expenses or hassles.

When you add up all the features and convenience of the Stealth X7, you’re looking at a camera system worth at least $400… maybe more.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

The Stealth X7 retails for just $297!

That’s a steal, considering the Stealth X7 captures video in HD, completely wireless, motion detected alerts, built-in Speaker and mic, weather proof, night vison and much, much more!

But listen, today you’re not going to pay anywhere near $297. When you order right now and agree to give us your feedback, you can get the Stealth X7 for the unbelievably low price of…

Just $197!

That’s less money than most people spend on cell phones per month. That’s less money than my cable bill per month! Heck, that’s about as much money it would cost you to take your wife or girlfriend out for a decent dinner and drinks, assuming you skipped dessert.

$197 is not just a good deal… it's a STEAL!

But to take advantage of that extremely low price, you must order NOW. If you don’t and come back later… you’ll have to pay DOUBLE the price you see now, just like everyone else will have to pay.

Order Now And Get A No Risk, 30-Day In-Home Evaluation.

As you can see from the photos on this website, the Stealth X7 is a high-quality surveillance camera. But to be 100% sure you want this camera… you need to feel it’s high-quality in your own hands. You need to set it up at your house and check out the footage on your phone. Play with the features.

If after a full month, you are not blown away with the Stealth X7- let us know and we’ll arrange for a refund of your money. No questions asked. There’s no way you can lose!

Here’s What You Need To Do Now

Scroll up and add the Stealth X7 to your cart. If you get more than 3 you get a discount!  You'll be taken to our 100% secure form where you can type in your shipping information. Once I get that… I’ll box up your Stealth X7 and have UPS come pick it up today. I’ll email you a tracking number as soon as it goes out.

But, you have to hurry! I only have a few boxes of inventory and once they are gone… they are GONE and the “Give Me Your Opinion And Get $100 Off” offer is over.

So if you want one or even think you might… add the Stealth X7 to your shopping cart and get in on the action now!

Your Investment: $297… Only $197. You can review your order before placing it on the next page. Sales price guaranteed until  we're out of inventory.

Satisfaction Guarantee: I’m certain you’ll be more than satisfied with the Stealth X7 that I’ll back it with a no questions, no fine print no hassles guarantee. If you’re not amazed with the Stealth X7 and don’t feel its worth 10X the amount you paid, let me know and we’ll arrange a full refund.

I respect you as customer and want you to assured you’re purchase today is 100% risk free.


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Additional Info

1.00 LBS
$7.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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